PA2020e - Public Address Amplifier

How does a 100V Line system work?

So, depending on the tappings available on the speakers, use the following as a guide:

4x SA3100 and 1x PA202e
SA3100 has 4W tappings, this times 4 units is a total of 16W
The PA2020e instructions stipulate Do Not Exceed 90% power for speech and 70% for music
Thus the PA2020e being a 20W amplifier, then this configuration should be OK for voice.

2x SA8100 and 1x PA2020e
SA8100 has 8W tappings, thus connect to the 100V line of the PA2020e should be just fine.

10x SA6100 and 1x PA202e
SA6100 has 2W tappings, thus connect all parallel to the PA202e 100V line should be OK,
However, at only 2W each, this is not very loud at all.

See the pattern? None of the above is tested. We take NO RESPONSIBILITY
It is always the best option to TEST 1st!

One customer pointed out that the 70V line effectively doubles the power of the speaker tappings.
ie. connect the SA3100 in the above example from 4W to the 8W tapping then: on the PA2020e, connect to the 70V line output. This will effectively double the output volume (well 3db from 4W to 8W anyway). Again, this has not been tested and is for your reference as a general guide of my understanding of the theory only. If this is your bread and butter money, then I strongly suggest you ignore me and that you go back to school and learn proper PA installations and save money by not blowing things up by exceeding their ratings!

PA2020e - Instruction manual as of 2004

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