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WES Components products in PDF form.

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Data Sheets and Resources
Large range of Extension Speakers and Auto Electronics accessories.

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Stanfield Catalogue
Turntable Stylus Range

2008 Stanfield Catalogue 114 pages in PDF: Stanfield.pdf

Let us print it out for you.
(its cheaper!)
WES Order Code MAN-STY

All items are available from WES. Some very rare styli may have to be sourced from Stanfield with a slight delay, but we hold the majority in stock.

Trade price listing (Section 05): Click Here

We also stock a range of replacement Cartridges; from hard-to-find Ceramics, thru to some common
Moving Magnet Diamond Cartridges.

Linx-AV Balun & Matrix AV Range

The resi~linx® ‘linx-AV’ Balun and Matrix range offer stand-alone AV solutions for all your Composite or Component Video and Audio Distribution requirements. Utilising low-loss, wide-bandwidth balun technology for excellent Audio Video signal transfers over extended distances using common CAT5e cables, this range also has optional IR repeater function.

Plus much more!...

Download resi-linx Catalogue 2010
Catalogue with Price List For resi-linx
resi~linx® website

Instruction Manuals for download:

CRIMP Instructions for our Tools and Plugs

"Do I Crimp the cable insulation or just the shield?"
The art of CRIMPING is an experiment in self learning. The following document outlines how the manufacturers perceive you should use their tools with their crimp plugs. For your interest. Crimp Solder Twist-On Wedge Compression Clamp FCP.


Instructions for our Tools and Plugs

A new range of high performance terminators designed to make fitting plugs quick & easy. Suits the most popular coax cables & plugs. This radial compression system provides a more secure mechanical and weather resistant solution for making your own cables for custom audio, video and RF installations. A new system that will be revolutionary to previous solder or crimp plug solutions

Data Sheet

PL259 Crimp Instructions

Coaxial Plug Assembly Instruction for crimp plugs Section 07,
tools found in Section 14

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Gauge Conversion

Recommended Cable Size by Power and Distance

Recommended cable size by power [Car Audio]


WES Components stock an assorted range of quality capacitors from the best manufacturers:

Our data page Click Here
(WES Does not stock every capacitor listed on this page. Please enquire)

ELR Capacitors



EMLR Capacitors  



EXR Capacitors



SSR Capacitors



TKR Capacitors



WLR Capacitors



and others, please enquire.


Instruction Manuals for SPARE PARTS & TIPS, etc.
CLICK HERE for local files


Australian manufacturers of industry grade soldering solutions.

See our full range in WagnerOnline. Additional units and parts are also available through WES Components with short delay. Check your manual for spare part numbers

Weller Catalogues [Local]

WES Range


Material Safety Data Sheets [MSDS] Download Link
CRC Industries
Local Links - Click Here
SuperLube superlube.pdf
QuickChip SMD1.pdf


Instruction Manuals  for URC Universal Remotes

Universal / Learning Remotes

Pilot range of remote controls have database search facilities now available. Please click here
Archive Pilot:
Archive Other:
Remote Master 560 (BW0378)
Remote Master 980 (BW0368)
Universal Touch Screen & Dock (BW6110 BW6120)
Details are from manufacturers and are assumed to be correct, however details may change without notice.
WES Code Download Link
Wavetek MeterMan Multimeters MeterMan_CAT2005.pdf - XP - XR
UT54 Uni-T Multi-Meter uni-t.htm
MS8221A Mastech Multi-Meter
MS8230B Mastech Multi-Meter
CM2608 Clamp Meter
CM2608 Clamp Meter
CG200P CG200P.pdf
MOH540 Music On Hold Digital Recorder Dp540specs.pdf
MOH540 Brochure (9M!) Dp540-eiBrochure.pdf
MSPT10 & MSP12 - CleanPower mspt10_msp12.pdf
S80 Ikusi Handheld Analyser SATELLITE IKUSI_S80.pdf -
T80 Ikusi Handheld Analyser TERRESTRIAL IKUSI_T80.pdf -
TM318 Microwave Leakage Monitor Instruction Book TM318.pdf
202AT Temperature sensor 202AT.pdf
MT Temperature fuses TH Series Microtemps
MW5798 Charger MW5798.pdf
MW7168 Charger MW7168.pdf
MW7898 Charger MW7898.pdf
CX1000 Charger (Discontinued) CX1000.pdf
CX1500 Charger CX1500.pdf
CX101 Charger CX101.pdf
MW302CR MW302CR.pdf
BFA006 - BFA012 - BFJ006 - BFJ012 BatteryFighter1.pdf BatteryFighter2.pdf
LAC9640 Charger 12V or 24V LAC9640.pdf
Sealed Lead Acid: Premium Gold, BB Batteries, CSB,... BP10-6.pdf
Sealed Lead Acid: Panasonic
Sealed Lead Acid: Gates
POD Power Board Filter
PA2020E Public Address Data & PA2020e Manual
Sunon Magnetic Levitation Fans sunon_magnetic.pdf
RF430c Wireless Headphones RF430c
S100ETH Sub Amp Instruction Sheet S100ETH.pdf
S200W Wide bandwidth sub amp S200W.pdf
S200W Input Sensitivity Modification for XLS800 S200W_Mods.pdf
S400W with remote control S400W.htm
EP22 WES Page or Instructions PDF JPG
TR2470 Video Sender TR2470.pdf
DJ Mixer RYM600.pdf
DJ Mixer DX2600.pdf
SA2500 [100V Line Transformer] 100v_guide.htm
KSD210AC8 Solid State Relay KSD210AC8.pdf
KSD240AC8 Solid State Relay KSD240AC8.pdf
KSD440AC8 Solid State Relay KSD440AC8.pdf
TA901 & TA903 CRT Rejuvenators TA901b
Solen FAST Capacitors (our "SCR" range of Audiophile) Solen PB
Solen Tin Foil Capacitors (our "TN" range of Audiophile) Solen SM
Solen Cerafine Electrolytics ELNA ROA
ELR Capacitors ELR.pdf
EMLR Capacitors EMRL.pdf
EXR Capacitors EXR.pdf
SSR Capacitors SSr.pdf
TKR Capacitors TKr.pdf
WLR Capacitors WLr.pdf
More Capacitor Data Sheets
& "How to read a Capacitor"
Inductors from Solen (S14 range) S14
DVI Definition DVI
DC812F DVI  Splitter DS812F.htm
DRV1714F DVI Switch DRM1714F.htm
Super Low Attenuation Cable slac.htm
CM348 Video to DVI Converter
CP252 CP253 CP254 DVI Converters
CDD-8 DVI Distribution Amplifier
DSTB Digital Set Top Boxes TRI701
DVR Digital Surveillance Systems More
Comparison Table - DVR110 DVR121 DVR120 DVR130 DVR Comparison Table.htm
Cameras for Security Surveillance Systems Cameras.htm
Cameras Focal Length Calculator CCD Focal Length Calculator
Video Baluns - For LONG Economical CAT5 Cable Runs (Up to 1Km!) VB101 - VB201 - VB202
GPS Antenna Interface USB / Ipaq / Palm GPS101.pdf
GPS Antenna Interface Bluetooth GPS200.pdf
GPSView for CXD2951 GPS200_GPSViewSoftwareManual.pdf
Pin-Outs, Wiring Looms, Connection Solutions
LCD Test Monitors CELLPAK LSM713 & LSM413.pdf
GV198 GV198.pdf
PROLINK1/2/3/4/5 Promax Data Sheet Page
MC577 MC577_MC360b.pdf
Prodig-1 Prodig1.pdf
Prodig-2 Prodig2.pdf
Prodig-5 Promax Data Sheet Page
MS250 & RP050 ms250.pdf rp050.pdf
All Downloads Promax Data Sheet Page
Gauge Inch mm Conversion Table Gauge-inch-mm Conversion Table
USB & FireWire IEEE 1394 Plug Identification Table
EP22 Page 01-EP22.pdf
EP22 Instructions PDF EP22_Instructions.pdf
EP22 Instructions JPG EP22_Instructions.jpg
TOTX173 TosLink PCB Mount TOTX173.pdf

Microwave Oven Safety Issues

Click Here for important Microwave Oven Servicing Info and Hints

TM318 Microwave Leakage Monitor Instruction Book Download

Parts Listing


An Information Page for old school audio: Click Here

Our Complete Valve Listing: Valves


Click Here for our semiconductor datasheet information page.

Download our listing of ICs and Transistors: Semiconductors

External Sources of Data sheets:

All Data Sheet

Semiconductor Data Sheets [Not associated with WES Components]

National Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor


Catalyst Semiconductor
ST Microelectronics

Fairchild Semiconductor

Texas Instruments

Analog Devices






MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor
Korea Electronics (KEC)




Service manuals, electronic components datasheets and equipment schematics database

Here you can find free datasheets, service manuals, schema, schematic diagrams and software downloads, service menu and mode information, code calculators for many brands of equipment

This website is in no way associated with WES Components. Link given for assistance only.



Links for Manufacturers / Brands WES Australasia Distribute

SSS Leading Australian Audio Consultant

Courier Companies for Order Tracking


Australian Electronics Associations


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